Monday, 12 October 2009

Bonsai Exhibition

I LoVe BoNsAi

This Sunday just past we headed to the Pavilion to check out the Hamilton Bonsai Exhibition.  It was really amazing to see all the little miniature trees.  Some of them were so tiny it was hard to believe that they were over 20 years old.  The oldest one, that I saw, was nearly 40 years old.

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I really love these tiny mini trees, I felt like a giant looking down on them, able to see them from all angles.  I especially loved the Bonsai forest scenes were there was a grouping of trees together, with little pathways around the trees, with falling leaves and tiny grass growing, it was really nice trying to imagine walking through the mini forest that someone had created.

 New Imagebonsai

Tasi and I both decided that we wanted our own Bonsai, though she would like to buy one already grown and I would like to grow my own.  I actually spent this evening looking around the property for possible seedlings that I could start training.

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Asher loves hanging out with his little cousin Lydia, though I think she gets a little grumpy with him wanting to touch and play with her all the time.

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After the exhibition we took the little ones out to play around the gardens, they were having a really good time.  Asher was having a bit too much fun at one stage, trying to climb into the lake.

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M. said...

well, what else are lakes for? ;)
glad you had fun, a think i'd like to grow my own Bonsai too!

Charlotte Rose said...

Those are great photos are the trees and little asher and Lyddie together CUTE: )

Crystal said...

that is so cool! I wish i had known it was on. Were there any sightings of mr meeagi? Nice pics of the kids too : )

Amy Fisler said...

Carly, How are you? Fun to find you online. Congrats on your family! I am currently living in Los Angeles and have two girlfriends from the singles ward here headed down to Christchurch, New Zealand. I was wondering if you are still there?...I would love to put them in touch with you if possible. I hope you are doing well! -Amy

Dean and Carly said...

Hi Amy, Its good to hear from you, I don't live in Christchurch any more, but if your friends are in Hamilton I would love to show them around.

tom and jonelle said...

I look foward to seeing you all soon.....hopefully the bonsai is thriving when i make it up there. Miss you