Sunday, 29 April 2007

Day to Day and Upcoming Events

Well there are a few notable events coming up, the foremost on my mind at the mo is the 'Guns and Roses' concert, its going to be awesome, tickets go on sale tomorrow, and i will be first in line thats for sure, I dont at all listen to them anymore but i am a fan from way back, so i will definitely be going, i hope that axl is wearing his bike shorts. Ha Ha. Next thing of note, dean and I are heading to Tonga next week, for an end of summer vacation, we have heard mixed things about it, but were pretty laid back so im sure we will enjoy it, we are planning on taking some canned food, just in case, i mean there were those riots and all a while back.
Rose and I have finally booked our tickets to Egypt and are heading off in august, i cant wait to see little robbie again, i hope that he hasnt grown too much. On our to do list is jordan and Israel, as well as mount sinai. I have always wanted to go to mecca but i think i will have to wait until pitas in Saudi before i can follow up on that dream.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Well given that its ANZAC Day, I thought that Id add something from Grandad Syds War Journal which I have slowly been deciphering its quite interesting, lots of time spent in egypt swimming listening to the radio and reading before they were shipped out to Italy. Since were going to egypt soon im quite keen to see some of the places that he writes about. Well the Journal entry ive included is from 25 April 1943.

Tuesday 25 April 1943

"Had a latt and cleaned up gear messed around all morning. Went for a stroll then to dentists to get things polished, went for stroll then listened to radio till 8.30. Bed about 9. Lovely day bit sunburnt."

So its not the most exciting entry in the journal but it gives a good idea about how the average day was.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

My Vegetable Garden

Unfortunately with winter coming on, I have caught my garden it the end of its long summer life but you still get a good idea of how it went. The Tomatoes are delicious I will be sad when they are all gone for the year, it means I will have to buy them from the supermarket. I will make a paste with the chillies so that should last me to the end of the year when I can grow some more, and looks like we will be having alot of pumpkin soup. I also have onions, silverbeet and plenty of herbs, as well as some kumara and potatoes.

Monday, 23 April 2007


Heres my pet chook, she is such a darling, we will need to get her some chookie friends soon because her identities getting all screwed up and shes starting to think shes a cat, she is always trying to hang out inside and has started eating the cats food and even comes through the cat door

Monday, 16 April 2007

A Comet in the Sky

The comet was visible for a whole week in the evenings back in February

Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Bridge to Nowehere Scouting Trip

Over the Easter weekend Dad, Kashka, Chuck and I, went on a little trip to Ruatiti, to check out the bridge to nowhere access track.

Of the 30 kms of track we managed to get 12kms in the mini truck which would leave 18kms to walk next time we come back, we will also need to bring a few other things on our return visit like a truck with balloon tyres.

In all we had a really fun time, Ruatiti has a free camping reserve, it was a really nice spot to spend the night