Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Its nice to have friends, especially friends who own rafts and take you out in them, thanks Mike and Bex.  Well since I don’t have the same talent for writing as Rose and Crystal, and since they have posted most of the photos already I will keep it short.  So yes I nearly drowned, I was under the water for 22 seconds which seemed a lot longer, I was very confused, I swallowed a lot of water, I didn’t know which way was up or down, it was very dark.  I was especially confused when I went into the ball position as instructed but still didn’t come up after 3 attempts, (I kept getting dragged and bashed out of position) I wondered why this was happening to me, even when i surfaced I couldn’t breathe because I was choking …it was really quite terrifying, yet strangely exhilarating and one of the worst things to ever happen to me, I still have a throbbing headache 3 days later and my back is covered in bruises, I am  very grateful for my helmet.


Casey falls outDean and Rose over the falls


In all it was a good day and I feel like I bonded with everyone present as we all faced danger together, So we now have a rafting fellowship of Mike, Bex, Dean Carly, Rose, Crystal, Sam, Jasmine, Clinton, Jake, KC, Mary and our little mascots Asher and Sophie.