Monday, 25 June 2007

dEaN anD CaRLy Are HaVInG a BAby

(I have added these pictures of cute little Robbie and Lydia because I hope that my children will be as cute and lovely as them. Robbie will love his little cousins i'm sure)

So Dean and I are having a baby, I am really not sure when its due and I think I am anywhere between 10 - 12 weeks, I am yet to find a midwife and apparently they go pretty quickly but Im sure everything will work itself out...hopefully.

BAmBo FoREst

I really love living in Hamilton, but the sad truth is that there arn't that many attractions in Hamilton itself, there are plenty of exciting things close by, ie 40 mins drive away, such as beaches, hot pools, Auckland and Rotorua, but in town itself they are very few. This was discovered when we had a visitor from Christchurch (Kate Scott) and the only place close by we could think to take her, was the 'Aboretum' where we took these photos by the bambo forest.

Unfortunately when we arrived it was getting dark already, but we still had a good time and we saw some chickens in the trees, and we were all good company so it turned out to be quite the exciting night after all. When we got home we all watched a movie at my place, 'Shark vs. Eagle' which was very funny and a sweet story.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

The weeks happenings

Evie the wicked witch, office and BBQ
Tonight Dean and I, despite the weather, decided to go out to see evie and chucks church production at their school. The production was an adaptation of 'snow white', evie was playing the 'wicked witch' and did a really good job, she said that she honed her skills as rosies unofficial understudy at home. Overall it was an enjoyable evening, chucky got to play a dancing extra, and also did a very good job.

Chenise and laurel, left and right, were part of evies entourage. i should also say that the girls were all helped out by their young womens leader none other than crystal who also played a crucial part on stage as a prop. She played a door and a tree very well, and im guessing she helped put everything together.

Below is a pick with evie and some of her other pals who were all in the production, i tried to get some on stage pictures as well, put sadly my camera wasnt up to the task, as i was sitting towards the back of the auditorium.

Ok and i have also just spent another week in auckland at the education recruitment centre, where basically my job was to interview early childhood teaching candidates and then palce them in centres as relievers, amongst other things. I sit at the desk in front right next to belinda which was good because i could discretely ask her questions when i needed to and the rest of the office thought that i was just really on to it.

This week i was on my own as dean had things on back in hamilton, but i quite enjoyed spending some time on my own and i was right near the city so there was lots going on etc...and then a few nights jo and belinda came over to hang out and eat at some of the yummy restaurants near my place.

hmm... and here randomly we have a picture of me manning the BBQ for dads soccor team, who actually won that day 5-4, the girls could do a lot better if they increased their fitness a bit, and didnt stay out all night on a friday.

Saturday, 16 June 2007


click on the colours to learn more

So does this mean i should become and architech? Im not really sure, i guess i do like to make lots of drafts and drawings for my ideal home.

Also apparently im a good listener and people like to tell me their problems, so if any one wants my advice with any problems or issues they may be facing feel free to ask.

Friday, 15 June 2007

A week at the office

This past week i have been working in Auckland, luckily the girl im covering for allowed me to stay in her house while she is away, she only lives about 20mins by bike away from the office, so lucky for me i can ride because the traffics pretty shocking and even catching the bus i would probably have to leave 30 mins earlier than biking to arrive on time.

Since Dean has exams at the moment he came and stayed with me for a few days, he rode into town during the day and we would bike home together, on our matching mountain bikes that we recently purchased on the old ticker, at the end of the day.

I will be back at the office this coming week as well, so i will try and get some more interesting pictures say, of belinda at her desk, or of the very dark stairwell i found myself stuck in inadvertantly after going to the bathroom, the same thing happened to another girl in the office and she had a panick attack, it was honestly quite tricky to get out off, it wasnt your basic up and down stairwell.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

A Busy Week Ahead

Tonight Dean is working so im home on my own, i like to take these opportunities to sit at home and watch scary movies by myself, I find that this creates a suitable atmosphere in which the movie can be best appreciated, i rented a few movies with such titles as 'slash'. Im trying to take some time out from my 'busy schedule' to relax as next week i will be working up in Auckland again with Belinda. This time Dean is coming as well so it should be really fun, we are going to take our new matching mountain bikes and i am planning to bike to work in the CBD from Mt Eden where we will be staying, then Deans going to bike in and meet me after work.

Recently while Lucy was visiting we were all talking about being crafty, and different crafts we could do, i like to think of myself as a crafty person who's talent is limited by money. If i had more disposable cash i could buy paints and materials and all sorts of things that would help nurture my creative ability, but since i dont, i have to limit myself to making mosaics out of broken kitchen plates and the like.

The Heart above is made out of broken plates i originally made it for mums birthday which is soon, but maybe i will make her something else. Anyway i have been thinking of conducting my own poll on whether or not David Bain is guilty, i have always been of the opinion that he wasn't, but what does everyone else think?

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Princess Bathe

On our most recent trip to Christchurch Dean and I went on an overnight trip to the lake Tennyson area and climbed up to the princess Bathe, a family favourite trip. Well not really a favourite as something disastrous has tended to happen on each visit, ie lack of matches in the middle of winter, having to eat cold uncooked porridge, and then the time Sam fell off a small cliff face. This trip was no exception to the bad luck rule as it turns out we forgot to check the tent and it had no fly in it. Luckily it didnt rain that night.

Here we have Dean attempting to erect a bivvy out of what we did have of the tent, I refused to sleep in it, and eventually at two in the morning we erected the tent without the fly. The cows were very curious and getting a bit close for comfort.

The Hike from the bottom of the road where we parked the car to the top of the Mountain takes about 3-4 hours, though what we usually do is hike from the car park to the bottom of the moutain, about 1.5 hrs, then the next day we climb the mountain which takes about 2hours max.

Its hard to get the real perspective of the landscape from these photos, but i would just like to let you all know that its a very steep climb.