Thursday, 16 July 2009

Just some photos

LIttle BaBY aSHEr

Pita and Tasi said that if we came to spend Christmas with them in Saudi, we could also go to Iran, Turkey, and Armenia, and go camping in the desert with the kids. I will also take Dean to some of my favourite places in Jordan and Egypt and we will end our trip with a visit to Israel. Unfortunately Iraq dosn't issue visas so we won't be able to go there, which is a shame because I have always wanted to visit the ruins of Babylon, (yes I know that they have mostly been destroyed). Having said all this I am most looking forward to wearing the burka/abiya everywhere. Of course this all depends on everything going to plan with building our house, which with all the counsil permits etc that we need is coming along at a tediously slow pace.

Baby photos
Asher is becoming a little boy, he is now 10 months old and as Rose said is crawling and having all sorts of adventures which mainly include the destruction of everything in sight. The cutest thing is that he now follows me around the house.  Like others I am looking forward to the arrival of summer, we hope to be in our new house and there are lots (well 2, at least) exciting events to look forward to.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Holiday options


Dean and I have decided to go on a holiday at the end of the year, but we just can't decide where to go, we have come up with four different options, but just don't know which one to choose. We know that several of our friends have probably been to these places so we want to know your opinions on where to go. I looked on the internet and posted the first photo I could find of each destination.

Option One - India

Obviously India would be amazing. We would probably travel by train around the country, I would also want to go to the jungle to see where Mowgli lived (that book was based in India right?)

Option Two - Peru

We would go to Machu Pichu in Peru, but would probably struggle to spend 4 weeks there, so would travel to neighbouring countries as well, probably by bus, but I would consider hiring a car or something as well.

Option Three - Vietnam

Dean and I were watching top gear a few months ago and they went on a scooter trip through Vietnam, It looked really fun and now we want to do it, we would probably go to Laos and Cambodia as well. The only negative to this trip is that I have already spent a bit of time in Asia and it would be good to go somewhere new.

Option Four - Saudi Arabia

The benefits to this trip are obvious with Pita and Tasi living there. We would be able to take Asher with us would have somewhere nice to stay and would have transport. Its very central to lots of other countries ie Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and we would even fit in a trip to Israel. Wherever we went we would drive ourselves which is my prefered mode of transport, and we could spend time with family.

As you can see we have four very good options to choose from.