Thursday, 16 July 2009

Just some photos

LIttle BaBY aSHEr

Pita and Tasi said that if we came to spend Christmas with them in Saudi, we could also go to Iran, Turkey, and Armenia, and go camping in the desert with the kids. I will also take Dean to some of my favourite places in Jordan and Egypt and we will end our trip with a visit to Israel. Unfortunately Iraq dosn't issue visas so we won't be able to go there, which is a shame because I have always wanted to visit the ruins of Babylon, (yes I know that they have mostly been destroyed). Having said all this I am most looking forward to wearing the burka/abiya everywhere. Of course this all depends on everything going to plan with building our house, which with all the counsil permits etc that we need is coming along at a tediously slow pace.

Baby photos
Asher is becoming a little boy, he is now 10 months old and as Rose said is crawling and having all sorts of adventures which mainly include the destruction of everything in sight. The cutest thing is that he now follows me around the house.  Like others I am looking forward to the arrival of summer, we hope to be in our new house and there are lots (well 2, at least) exciting events to look forward to.


Charlotte Rose said...


Lucy said...

He is looking so cute, he looks like a little man! I am so excited to meet him

Crystal said...

asher is definitely looking like a little boy now! he is such a smiley fun baby. Your trip sounds amazing i hope it all works out because that is once in a life time stuff!

tom and jonelle said...

Asher is all growed up...cant wait to see him again. You are looking beauTiful as always. Your trip sounds amazing.ILY