Friday, 13 March 2009

Well a month or two ago, its true that Dean and I were not planning on building our home at all, but we were overcome by the 'building fever', with all of Joe's home plans and then with Pitas enthusiasm. It still would not be happening if it were not for Mum and Dad's generosity with the section. Its quite funny, when I had Asher I discovered that I could speak for hours with anyone, about babies and birth and other such things that I had previously found very boring. And now I find that I can spend hours speaking to anyone (who will listen) about roofing products, exterior cladding's and flooring. It really is very exciting, although we are a little jealuous that we are unable to build a house of Joe's proportions (just to give you an idea his plan is 3 times the size of ours). Well we were waiting until the building had actually started before we told everyone, but we couldn't keep the news to ourselves.

In other news little Asher has had his first illness, he has a temperature and a sore throat, the poor little man. He tries to be happy, but its a struggle for him. I took him to the doctors today, and got him some medicine, so hopefully he will be happier soon.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

House Plans

These are the plans we got back from the builder today. We can still make adjustments to them so if anyone has any ideas we are all ears. We are hoping to start in a month or two when the titles come through.

house plans