Monday, 6 February 2012

WAiTanGi dAY

Asher at Waignaro Landing

Well after briefly contemplating heading into town for some 'Waitangi' workshops and a carnival day, we decided that we would use the public holiday to go on a family adventure, somewhere we hadn't been before.   So we headed off for Karakariki scenic reserve which I thought was out towards Raglan, but turns our it wasn't and after driving around for 1 1/2 hours we ended up at 'Waignaro landing' which as it turns out was nice enough for a picnic, and very peacefull i.e. remote, probably the narrowest dirt road I have ever been down. Even though it was quite hot, we decided against a swim as we spotted a couple of Eels in the water and it creeped us out a bit, though I'm sure there harmless.

 Waignaro landing picnic spot

Asher with a pretty puti puti he picked

Our original destination 'Karakiriki scenic reserve'

Asher chilling with his Dad

After our picnic we decided to head off and find our original destination, so we drove around until we found some cell reception and googled directions.  Turns out we were way off track and our original destination was quite close to town.  So and hour later we arrived at the car park and walked the 20 minutes in to the little water fall and picnic spot.  It was still pretty hot but as usual for New Zealand rivers the water was glacial, so we just paddled for a bit and hung out.  In all it was a pretty awsome day.

Asher amusing himself at the swimming hole that was too cold to swim in