Thursday, 19 July 2007

pita tasi and robbie

well we recieved some photos from pita and tasi this week, i cant believe how much little robbie has grown, i cant wait to see him walking around and to have him back in NZ for a while, and to see him in egypt of course. Rosie and I are going in to finalise our tickets tomorrow, which means its only one month until we leave.

Little robbie and his papa. Hopefully rose, pita and i will be travelling to syria together as well. It all depends on whether or not pita gets a promotion which if he does means he wont be able to come with i guess i hope he gets the promotion and rose and i will have to go on our own, because now that ive done a little reading up on syria theres no way i want to miss it

And heres the whole whanau all together, prsumably visiting a mosque, tasi will be home for about 3 months to have there new baby, so we are lucky that we will get to see them all. Tasi says that its really hot in egypt at the moment, but im hoping it may have cooled down a little bit by the time we arrive.

theres more photos of the 'cairo cammocks' on rosies blog