Saturday, 11 August 2007

Several weeks at the Office

Back at the office

Well for the past few weeks I have been up in Auckland again working with Belinda at the office, things are pretty full on at the moment so I havn't had time for updates and keeping in touch with people. Its only one week untill Rose and I go on our little trip, and i will be working right up untill we leave so i have been spending my weekends trying to get organised with travel insurance and other such things, and catching up on sleep and watching my fav. TV series at the mo. 'Deadwood' its great. So working is my excuse for my recent lapse of communication with everyone, most days unless we actually leave the office, we end up working through our lunch break theres just so much to do, but the good thing is that i got a pay rise, so i will have some extra money for our trip

Almost a couple of weeks ago now Lucy, Mike and Chris were up in Auckland to get their visas for their various destinations so we caught up with them for lunch. They happened to be up on the same day Belinda was planning to pick up her engagement ring, so we all went to the mall together after work.

Althought you cant really see it here Belindas ring is platinum with a diamond, i cant remember what carat or anything but its really nice and very sparkly.

After the mall we dropped lucy at the airport, we all lamented that it was a shame she couldnt stay longer but it seems like we all have work commitments lately...I realised that it may be some time before i see her agian, but then hopefully everyone will be able to make it back for joes wedding next July. Well like I said i will be working right up untill i go so this may be my last post from NZ for a while, my next update will hopefully be from shanghai or cairo...I hope that everyone stays well in my absence and keeps me updated on all the happenings...the thing im looking forward to most on my trip is seeing little robbie again...hes such a cutie. Oh and for those of you you havnt meet belinda yet shes the one in the green shirt