Monday, 14 July 2008

Baby images and baby 'shower'


This image was taken at 11 weeks when I went in to have a dating scan, we found it very cute as we could actually make out the outline of a baby. We were so excited (and still are of course). I was sure that it would be a girl, but we had to wait another 10 weeks to find out. Unfortunately for me I was not sick at all, this was slightly dissappointing as I was hoping to be puking-up all the time and loosing lots of weight, but no this was not to be, and other than sleeping a bit more than usual my pregnancy has been uneventfull. I still 'milk it' when necessary i.e. like needing to sit in the front seat, always choosing what we eat and just getting people to run around after me in general.

20 Weeks
So we were excited to see how much our little bubs had grown when we went back for our anatomy scan at 20 weeks, but we were let down as we couldn't really make a baby out from any of the images as he had grown so big. This image shows his spine but all the images were really vague to us. I think there was one point where I could actually make out a foot, and Dean thinks that he could see his penis when the nurse pointed it out to show us he was a boy, but it all just looked like fuzz to me. I'm going in for another scan next week to rule out a placenta Praevia, so maybe I will get some better images then.

Baby Shower
Well this past Saturday, Rosie organised my 'Baby Shower'. Our core group of friends showed up and i felt very spoilt with lots of gifts and attention. We played lots of games, all of which I enjoyed except the one where everyone had to guess the width of my stomach...someone guessed 68inchs which was way bigger than the actual size. Anyway only 6 weeks to go at most, even less if I end up having to have a c-section (because of the placenta issue) and its vey exciting but scary at the same time. This morning when my alarm went off, and I ignored it, I wondered how long I would be able to ignore a crying baby...I ignored my alarm for 45minutes, and then I just turned it off.