Wednesday, 13 June 2012

AnNabElLe aND a triP To tHe beAcH

 This week baby Annabelle has started with her first smiles, she is truly delightful.

 (6 weeks and 2 days old)

 WaIhi bEaCh

Asher and I decided to have some special Mother/Son time over the weekend and went to stay at the bach at Waihi beach, we climbed over rocks, found a dead octopus and climbed to the top of the Bowentown hill reserve, it was loads of fun and we both got to have a good nights sleep without baby Annabelle waking us up.  Asher even went for a mid winter swim when he went down to the beach with Jasmine, though he had to tell an old lady to 'go away' when she told him it wasn't a good idea.

 Dead Octopus, I think someone had probably been using it for bait because some of its tentacles were missing

Every time I attempted a self-portrait Asher just would not co-operate

aT HoMe wiTh AnNabeLLE

Well our little family has adjusted well to the arrival of little Annabelle, Asher loves her and is probably the most well adjusted out of all of us so far.  When she first came home he wanted, and literally did, stay up all night with me to feed her and take care of her, he wants to be around her all the time and can't wait for her to be able to 'run and jump' with him.

 In other news Asher is doing really well with his violin, its really cute watching him 'play'.  Grandma Viv takes him every Saturday for lessons and he really loves it. Also Ashers cousins, Robbie, Lydia and Adelaide and his Aunty Tasi will be back in Hamilton for the month of July before they move back to Wellington and he can't wait.