Sunday, 6 September 2009

Spring is here

Well, Asher has survived his first winter... He is becoming a real little boy. As the warmer elongated days of spring lighten the aluminium clad cave where we have hibernated these last few months little Asher has increased opportunities for adventure and exploration in the boundless expanse of our back yard, the garden, the small continent of a deck at Rob and Viv's, or the park.

Below is a random compilation of some of our recent photos.

In other news, on Friday Dean was offered a job at Corrections where he previously completed a placement and so we are excited about that. He just needs to pass his final exam. Our house plans are coming along and we are hoping to hear from the broker this week as to whether or not our mortgage was approved.

IMG_7093 IMG_7095 IMG_7143 IMG_7174 IMG_7154


Asher on the slide


Crystal said...

hey guys - love those B&W family pics

Charlotte Rose said...

Little Asher Black is totally Adorable on the slide : ) What a cutie boy: ) Your photos turned out well, let's go sometime to the lake at about 5 - 5:30ish to get some really serene shots : )

M. said...

my dear, you look fantastic! I'm excited that you now have spring.. minus that fact that means i'm about to freeze my ars off! :(

tom and jonelle said...

hey are looking mighty fine. How exciting for you all congrats to Dean on the job front and good luck for the last exam.....would love to see the house plans.Hope the mortgage went well.glad life is going well.ILY