Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Well given that its ANZAC Day, I thought that Id add something from Grandad Syds War Journal which I have slowly been deciphering its quite interesting, lots of time spent in egypt swimming listening to the radio and reading before they were shipped out to Italy. Since were going to egypt soon im quite keen to see some of the places that he writes about. Well the Journal entry ive included is from 25 April 1943.

Tuesday 25 April 1943

"Had a latt and cleaned up gear messed around all morning. Went for a stroll then to dentists to get things polished, went for stroll then listened to radio till 8.30. Bed about 9. Lovely day bit sunburnt."

So its not the most exciting entry in the journal but it gives a good idea about how the average day was.


Anonymous said...

Hey, wow. The Diary is amazing.

The Mann's... said...

Carly - I got an email from Maren today. Randomly, she has just got back from Tonga. She has of course no idea you are going there but said to me, and I quote: "Don't ever go to Tonga".

Dean and Carly said...

i knew there was a reason i wanted to go to tonga, this just comfirms it

mel said...

maybe i'm the ignorant American, but whats so bad about Tonga? I guess I'll find out when you get back?! :)
ps. Carly 24 is good... but I'd never seen it before so jumping into the latest episode does you no favors! You should watch HEROES online- it rocks.