Sunday, 25 October 2009

Weekend BBQs

Our proposed color scheme. Mustard walls. Off white doors and ceilings. Chocolate carpets. White tiles.

Robbies bday party BBQ. Nice.

Asher in an authentic oriental outfit Jasmine bought him back from Hong Kong. Thanks Jaz.

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Charlotte Rose said...

Asher actually looks oriental for real, posting from your i-phone - impressive

Crystal said...

that outfit is so cool - i love it. it could be his halloween outfit! so glad it's been a sunny weekend : )

tom and jonelle said...

fun family times.....what is all this posting with my Iphone business????? fancy lady.

M. said...

um, you have an i-phone?! so jealous! and like the colors. wish you were here to help me with mine. I'm thinking an accent wall in my room so I don't have to take everything down. but is that being lazy?