Monday, 22 June 2009

photo 14

ThE 14th of JuNe

(Mr T.)
Well I looked for the 14th photo in the 6th folder of my laptop and to my amusement it was a picture of Mr T. I found this really funny given Crystals comment on Rosie's blog, "At least it wasn't a boring photo of Mr T". Because this was so boring I thought that given that today is the 22nd I would post that photo as well, luckily it is the 22nd today because photo 21 is another photo of Mr T. I don't even like Mr T. that much, I don't know where all these photos of him came from.

(Sam, Lucy, Rose, Pita, Chucky, Carly)
So here is photo number 22 still not as exciting as other peoples but better than Mr T. This was a great canoe trip it was the second time I had been downthe Wanganui river but this time was the best because everyone was there, and this time there were alot more spills which always adds to the excitement, in fact I think everyone ended up in the later at some stage except maybe Liz?


Crystal said...

that is hilarious carly - mr T is awesome though i quite like him, and he always nuzzles up to me for pats. Lila our cat is at the vet at the moment drugged up on morphine. she has to have a leg splint (which is better than orthopedic surgery which was also a possibility!) They think a dog crunched her leg. Dean will find this interesting given our recent conversations about how much $$ we would each be willing to pay for our pets....

Charlotte Rose said...

Oh, I took that photo of Mister T ages ago when i liked him. I remember we were taking photos with the cammocks and Mister plops him self down in front of the photo. That was the coolest canoe trip ever in fact that trip was my first ever blog posting - it was epic, - we really do have the best family trips ever: ) It almost always is going to be epic when we are all together.

tom and jonelle said...

oh I am a fan of Mr T. Hes cool. That photo of you all on the canoes is great, Sam looks like some foreign guide, he just needs some ethnic tatoos.

Charlotte Rose said...

Jonelle you are totally right about Sam - haaaahhahha.

We all miss you guys: )

I keep on gagging when I think about your blog posting - but Digs is just so cute.