Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Cinnamon Rolls

Well since cousin Emma was visiting last week, we tried to do some fun and exciting things. Fun and exciting for Rosie meant baking, she made these awesome cinnamon rolls (above) as well as a lemon pie and some baked potatoes, she is becoming quite the baker.

Another 'fun' thing we did was go to the memorial gardens and try to take pictures of us all jumping in the air on self timer...we could have done more interesting things its true but we couldn't really be bothered. For instance Dean spent the day out at Raglan on a 45km bike track with his South African work mate, mostly up hill, he only made 30kms but I was still impressed.
We also went out to a new vegetarian restaurant in town, and I had the most delicious spinach dish, Emma had something with lentils that was very nice and Joe had these really yummy dumpling things, and it was all really first I wanted to go to this bento place that Dean and I discovered, but I'm glad Joe convinced us to go Indian because now I know two really good restaurants.


Charlotte Rose said...

Nice pictures Carly - that Indian Restaurant was sooo good. Love those jumping pictures: )Check out Crystals blog theres a photo of Asher lunging for food : )

Crystal said...

looks like lots of fun carly - where is this indian place?

tom and jonelle said...

carly your hair is a great colour...looks like fun.ILY....oh and those cinnamon rollsYUM well done rosie.Lemon anything is my fAV.

Anonymous said...


I am impressed! I would not have made 3km on a bike.


Charlotte Rose said...

Asher time : )

Also you said you would come down and help me mark tests but you never showed up : ( I feel very sad about this : ((

Crystal said...

about time you did an update carly?