Saturday, 22 November 2008

Trip to the Coromandel


Well it was sort of a road trip, Dean and I went on our first holiday with the baby. Because the weathers been so nice lately we thought that we would visit Deans sister on the Coromandel before the holidays when it will be super busy. It was a good trip. It took us about twice as long as it normally would because we had to stop now and then to feed Asher, but it was good because it gave us a chance to stop at lots of nice little bays and beaches that we would have normally driven straight past.

One of the days we were there we decided to climb up a hill to this cabbage tree, there were really nice views and it was good for me to get some exercise, (I still have lots of pregnancy fat to loose). Later that evening Dean went out fishing and saw a school of about 20 dolphins who kept them company while they were out there, which meant that they couldn't do any fishing, but I would rather see dolphins than eat fish anyway. The forests on the Coromandel were also very nice, with lots of palms and ferns, with knarly trees in between, the beaches are also lined with Pohutakawa trees, which I'm sure would look amazing when they are in flower ( a week or so from now). In all it was a good trip and it was no hassle having the baby with us at all, so we are all set for lots more summer adventures before Dean has to go back to work in the new year.


mel said...

amazing!!!! And... I really need to come visit again. I didn't soak up very much of NZ!

Charlotte Rose said...

Cool photos, Coro is so pretty. Little Asher always looks so snug

tom and jonelle said...

so cooland i love those photos...very nz.ILY...see you soon

Crystal said...

nice new look Carly - you are lucky asher doesn't mind travelling : )