Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Rosie Quotes

Rosie on one of the rare occasions shes been tramping with us

oSiE qUoTEs

'I'm just a normal person trying to live in the world, there are way meaner people than me, i.e. Hitler'.
This was Rosie's response to me calling her mean after she kicked Izzy and her friends off the trampoline after 20 minutes, not because she wanted to use it, but because she didn't want them there. A few years ago now Lucy and I put together a book of 'Rosie Quotes', I really wish that I had it now because she had some really funny ones, which involved things like Knives and forks, gingerbread men and a 'pee ness'.
I don't know why Mum thought it necessary to buy a trampoline as Chucky is 16 now (he's the youngest) and obviously isn't that interested in playing on a trampoline.

Talking about quotes did everyone hear the comment that the Italian PM made about Obama He said: ' He(Obama) has everything needed to reach deals with him: he's young, handsome and even tanned'.

And talking about PM's I am really sad to see Helen Clarke go, while I didn't like her government or policy's I really like her and she was a good overseas representative, I just feel like we have replaced her with Goofy(aka John Keys), I think he may turn out to be the George Bush of New Zealand.


Charlotte Rose said...

I just left a comment and its gone. Darn it, anyway isaid that Ididn't like Key at all, it seems weak, though enthusiatic and has not got strong diplomatic portfolio if hes even got any.
Rosie quotes aye, yeah, you'll need proof to prove i said anything. : ) Did you get the BD pressie???

tom and jonelle said...

I am so glad obama has a tan goin on.

Key is a wally.....I like Helen too.

Rosie is just so funny.I believe you Carly
What camper van place did you use from Auckland to CHCH?
see you soon.
Love Jonelle

viv said...

We're hoping to find Izzy's pads from her broken down tramp to put on 'our' tramp for when little Robbie comes to play...

mel said...

how about this: New VP Joe Biden “Look, John’s last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S." AWESOME!!!

Lucy said...

I love Viv defending her trampoline choice. I am trying to remember the quotes..the fork one was something to do with polishing cutlery at PPC. When i remember I will do a response post. I know I have that list somewhere... I miss you Carly, I want to see your baby

Crystal said...

that's a nice photo of rose. yeah she has some hilarious quotes. i have written a few down but they too escape me. although once she was at my house and she accused my cat of being "all up in her grill". will see you and asher again soon. man being back at work sucks!