Saturday, 24 January 2009

Endless Summer

SuMmEr TIme

Well I had pretty much decided that I wouldn't visit Pita and Tasi in Saudi, and then Tasi tried her Burka on. Now I want to go to Saudi just so I can wear one too. I think its so exotic and beautifull. Tasi's has jewelled patterns on the back and jewelled cuffs as well as little tassells that hang down. Admittedly she really suits black and apparently I don't, but it would take alot of hassle out of deciding what to wear everyday.

jewelled detailing on the back and also on the headscarf which you can't quite see

We have had a very eventfull summer this year, cousin Emma visited from England, Pita and Tasi are back from Egypt and are still here for a couple of weeks before they head to Saudi, Tom, Jonelle and their kids stayed with us for a couple of weeks and Pete, Liz, Mack and Alice all visited (see Rosie's blog for more details). We made a great water slide and Asher and I hang out in our little paddle pool almost everyday, its so stinky hot.


Crystal said...

good posing tasi. carly we need another bonfire or bbq or something before pita and tasi go.

Charlotte Rose said...

Asher is soooo cute

tom and jonelle said...

yip burkas are cool....and asher is still cutee cutee

mel said...

hey, i'll go with! Oh, and way to rub in summer. It's freezing here. I hope you all... get sunburns!