Friday, 24 October 2008

Little Hands and Feet

We wanted to get some photos of Little Asher's little hands and feet before they become not so little.

little feet2 little feet1 little feet3

little hands1little hands 2 little hands 3


Charlotte Rose said...

Cuuute. You have to bring down the camera tomorrow for some shots in his favourite pram. love this lil fella.

Gail said...

aw aw awwwww how cute.

he has a favourite pram??? lol thats funny.

he is adroable!

viv said...

You can some plaster of paris type stuff and make footprints and handprints etc. Would be nice. Also that Dr Seuss book - Left foot right foot or something - has a nice staccato type rythym to it & would be cool to get for when he is older.