Thursday, 21 August 2008

It's late and I'm bored
We have now had week's of rain, its starting to get everyone a little down I think. Dean has some friends who have decided to join the other half of our country and move to Australia, and after all the misrable weather I wouldn't mind moving there myself especially after I heard on the radio recently that the average wage in OZ is 100,000. I have been trying to download photos of what I do all day, which is make stuff for the baby, but its not working, its cold outside. I don't have long to go until the baby arrives and I suddenly realise that theres lots to get done before he does.


mel said...

Wait, SERIOUSLY??? $100,000?? I guess what is the cost of living, but if so, can I move there????

Lucy said...

Hey Carly,
I want to see what you've been making, get those photos uploaded. Do you have a due date??

Charlotte Rose said...

hey, you should've come down here i am usually up till 3 am ish most nights except tonight and the next two weeks cause i handed in my last assignment and am on two weeks break, that is after class tomorrow.