Monday, 5 November 2007

A Beautiful Baby Girl

'Remember remember the 5th of November,
the gun powder treason and plot...'
So Pita and Tasi have themselves a little "Guy Fawkes' baby, so none of us should have any trouble remembering her birthday.

Well today Monday the 5th of November Pita and Tasi's little girl was born. They are yet to think of a name for her, though they seem to be considering Lydia, though i like Prudence myself. They are having her blood tests done so we will know if she has rubella in the next few days. Physically she looks perfect, apart from a tiny skin tag on her ear.

She was born at approximately 5pm after Tasi was induced around 1pm, so Tasi had to go through 4 hrs of labour. She weighed 7.8 pounds, which we all thought was pretty good considering a few weeks ago the doctors were saying whe wouldnt make 5.5. She has lots of hair that is currently light blond just like little robbies.

Little Robbie seemed a bit confused by his sisters arrival at first, but he soon warmed to her, he will be glad to have a little friend back in Egypt.


The Cammocks said...

Carly you look gorgeous, as usual. Pita looks exhausted. How wonderful for them. A good weight indeed. I am sure that Tasi is relieved to have her out and now wait and see. I do hope that everything is 'normal' for her and them.

Well done everyone, thanks for letting me know. I will give them a call tomorrow.


Crystal said...

that's awesome!! wasn't really expecting an update on your blog but was pleasantly surprised (am avoiding work!) That is cool - so does that mean you missed the first day of work!? : )

Charlotte Rose said...

Hey, whats up the baby looks like a cutie, Robbie doesn't look too impressed by all the action. Robbie is still alittle cutie, a good update through and through.

mel said...

Happy Guy Fawkes day! No one here in the states even know what it!!! Congrats on the new one, will they try and make sure this one stays immobile as long as possible too?! :)

tom and jonelle said...

hey look great holding a little one, this is such great news for pita and tasi,hope that the blood tests go well...keep us updated

Crystal said...

look at all your fans carly, all waiting for another update : ) Do you have a cell number still?