Monday, 28 May 2007

WHAt yOu DidNt KNOw AboUT DeAN

I thought that i would follow jonelles lead and tell everyone 5 things about Dean.

1. As a child dean was caught doing a poo in public, by a family taking an afternoon stroll in the Whangarei city gardens.

2. Dean use to think that sanitary pads were disposable shoulder pads for womens dresses. One day he asked his mother why she needed disposable shoulder pads, and was suprised to learn they had quite a different purpose.

3. On a recent trip to the dentist he discovered that you are meant to brush the backs of your teeth as well as the front.

4. Dean volunteered to be a study model for an acupuncturist, but was unaware of what it would involve, which was nakedness and finger probing in 'uncomfortable' places.

5. Dean loves warcraft and still has all night computer gaming parties. (most people know this but everytime i asked him for something thats all he could manage to say... as he was a bit distracted by that very game).


tom and jonelle said...

that is just so funny......I love that photo where is it taken.I really miss you guys cant wait to see you both again.

The Mann's... said...

disposable shoulder pads - that is too funny for words!!! (The poo is also funny, but with a good dash of disturbing). good work carly!

The Mann's... said...

Sorry it's me again - but last night I remembered that Paul (little brother) thought they were to keep girl's undies warm. I have something Sam thought too but better tell you that one in person!

Anonymous said...

6. experimenting with recreational substances at elders quorum activities.

The Mann's... said...

sounds suspicious. Anonymous, you should elaborate. Hey carly I've done my 5 you can check them out at your leisure : )

Charlotte Rose said...

So anony has come out to play.

Funny list Carly. U and Jonelle are so funny. Jonelle u guys should move up here.

Abi-g said...

oh boy, these are 5 things I didn't know about dean, and 2 things I wished I didn't know about dean haha Great job carly!