Tuesday, 15 May 2007

On the main island we rented a car and visited some of the historical sites, the roads were pretty rough and the map rather inadequate, but we made our way to Abel Tasmans landing site and the blow hole coast. Other places of note were the terraced grave sites, Captain Cooks landing, the Tongan stonehenge and the ship wreck harbour.

Back on the island where we spent most our time we went on a bike ride around both the islands, which were connected by a rough causeway, this took us 3 hrs return, though this was a rather leisurely ride as there was plenty to stop and look at.

Pigs, coconut farms, and sandcastles, plenty to see and do, but really what else do you go to the islands for but to swim and sun bathe. Though actually i should mention that we did a beginners scuba dive which was only down to 6 meters, but hay at least weve tried it now, and angel if your reading this, on my next dive i can go down to 12 meters so maby you and i can do the red sea together.

I should probably mention that unless you want to see something you may not want to, you shouldn't look to closely at one of these pictures


tom and jonelle said...

Is that deans nakie bum up that tree????

The Mann's... said...

Is there something wrong with me if I read the above comment and then went back to the picture and enlarged it to see for myself?

tom and jonelle said...

If there is something wrong with you the mann's then there is most definatley something wrong with me.... as i did not know that you could enlarge the photos...however after reading your comment i went rushing back to have a closer look


The Mann's... said...

ha ha ha we've both got problems!! : )